Know The Art of Making You

Know The Art of Making U (K.A.M.U.) is a term used to describe the obstacles (colors) and diverse human experiences that have transpired in a person’s life. Those experiences, both positive and negative, impact our character, our development, and how we see ourselves and others. The obstacles (colors) of our lives are to be appreciated for their artistic beauty and emotional power.


“K.A.M.U” Artistry was created to empower, inspire, and motivate people across the world to appreciate all the obstacles (colors) of their lives by transforming them into Art. “K.A.M.U” is more than makeup artistry, it’s a ministry--a movement-- designed to elevate you from the inside out!


Making Dreams Come True

Carlisa L. Johnson is a “Southern Diva” with humble beginnings in a small town in rural, West Alabama. Born and raised in the 80’s, she has old-school values and was a part of the last generation to play in the street until the lights came on, wait for the ice cream truck on a hot, summer day, and record all of her favorite songs to a cassette tape from the radio. She is passionate about educating and enhancing the beauty of others in her community.

Turning a Vision into Reality

Through her God-given vision and anointing, Carlisa became a single mom of two beautiful daughters at a young age. Even as a college student and single mom, she was determined to break

the curse of fatherless and rebuke the spirit of lack in her life. She received her bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education w/ a minor in Sociology and master’s degree in Public Health. Carlisa

is the owner of Know the Art of Making U Artistry, LLC and is a well-known Certified Professional Makeup Artist and Health Communication Specialist in her community.


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Carlisa continues to use her determination, talents, and skills to motivate, encourage, and inspire women across the world. She has transformed her physical life through weight loss and fitness as well. Carlisa strives each day to show the world that healing is within your reach. With

DETERMINATION and GOD, you can achieve and overcome anything!

Atlanta, GA

Tel: 678-744-9038

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